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Teeth Whitening

Tx: Smile is the only teeth whitening system designed by a renowned Canadian doctor and an award winning pharmacist.


Now you can have peace of mind that your whitening system is 100% Canadian made, the most efficacious whitening product on the market, and safe!


Many systems out there are sourced directly from overseas, with little quality control and/or standards imposed, putting you directly at risk. With Tx: Smile you can feel confident that you are whitening your teeth with a product you can trust!


Formulated in Concord Ontario, Canada;  The Tx: Smile solution was developed after years of research and development to find the gentlest, yet most powerful whitening agents that deliver excellent results. But we didn't stop there!


A revolutionary 'no-slip' tray that holds the whitening gel in place, while being comfortable and flexible for all shapes of mouths. Tx: Smile is truly one of a kind!

Tx: Smile 15 -20 Minute Whitening Kit

Designed by a doctor and a pharmacist, and 100% Canadian made, the Tx:Smile 15 Minute Whitening Kit is designed to gently whiten teeth and deliver dramatic results!

Tx:Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

The Tx Smile Whitening Pen is designed to be used on a daily basis to maintain a brighter, whiter smile.


After brushing your teeth simply apply the Tx Smile Whitening Pen to the teeth with the easy to use whitening brush tip, leave the product on your teeth for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse.


It's easy and convenient!

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